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The right choice for a bright future of your kids A well-equipped haven of learning for the inquisitive blooming buds. The ST. Ann’s kindergarten was established in under the congregation of SABS.

Our prestigious kids’ friendly school has already established its absolute significance in the locality with the expert management of a brilliant team of well qualified and dedicated teachers under the supervision of the sisters SABS, imparting value based and qualitative child education, providing the entire facilities for the overall growth of about 300 kids every academic year.

Our kindergarten programmes are well designed to
materialize your dreams and strictly focused on the overall growth of your child in the following key areas.

  • Our KIDS PARK at the entrance of the graceful campus is systematically designed and successfully run for the physical and mental amusement along with the interpersonal enhancement of each child.
  • kids can’t help growing with us in our kids’ friendly SMART CLASS ROOMs with all the accessories and amenities that create a constant hunger for knowledge every minute.
  • The SPORTS DAY FOR KIDS held in the vast play ground is a real plat form for all the kids to feel their muscle sense and improve their kin aesthetic skills towards different levels of recognition.
  • THE ACTIVITY BASED SYLLABUS keeps them updated and enhances their ability to apply what they have learned and gives them confidence to excel in their academic tracks.
  • THE KIDS FEST – a vast panorama of cultural banquet held every year offers each ward a wonderful opportunity to recognize and nourish their inborn talents so that they feel that there are many others to watch and appreciate their performance.
  • The new comers to the school are given a grand reception with special gifts on THE FRESHERS’DAY – the re-opening of the school.
  • Yearly PICNIC/TRIPS organized as part of their personality development and learning process are their windows to the outer world.
  • The kids enjoy ABSOLUTE PARENTAL CARE with motherly affection and proximity of their teachers in the campus just as a home away from their home.
  • All the kids are highly encouraged to opt for any sort of CO- CURRICULAR AND ALLIED ACTIVITIES to strengthen the areas of their interest right from the initial stage of their school life.
  • CELEBRATIONS such as Onam, X’mas, Ramzan, ST.Ann’s Day, Independence Day etc whether national, religious or secular are given due respect and value and are part of our school activities as our kids grow with values and memories into responsible citizens of India.
  • Exclusive ASSEMBLY ACTIVITIES for the KG children to boost up their individual and group presentation skills.

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